It’s about time that I did this.

So I’m struggling to decide where to start this whole thing. Camp? Yes, that was very important, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around here, and it will take a significant amount of time before I can tackle that with any clarity. The plane ride? No one wants to hear about baby projectiling into the aisle by my seat, mystery meat served with a smile, or the ridiculous thrill I got when I realized “I AM FLYING OVER FREAKING SIBERIA!” Classes? Bahaha. The people? I still feel as though I know absolutely no one. This very moment? Well, I’m sitting sick in bed, reading my fourth book in a week from my Nook (I’m a traitor and a dirty hypocrite and I know it). I might as well describe in detail the process of grass growing.

I guess I should begin with the basics.

I’m in China. Shanghai. I’m studying Mandarin for the next eight months. I WILL BECOME FLUENT (and, if I’m lucky, be moderately adept with chopsticks. We shall see). I’m living in an apartment with two roommates that I really like, and I bought a bike. It’s pink and it has a bell and it has a basket. In short, things here are quite good.

Am I a cute little city girl yet, bargaining with the Chinese and walking (rather, biking) around town like a native? Er, no. As I said, I’m currently sick during my first week of classes, behind (already, but what else is new?) in my homework and missing summer and home and friends and school as if it were something I was being paid to do. But I believe with all my heart- and it’s being affirmed day after day- that God has programmed me from the very beginning to find myself here. He has some big things to say to me this year, and I am so very excited to hear them. As a dear friend said to me this August on the sunny walk to breakfast cookout, Christ speaks loudly overseas. I’ve found her observation thus far to be quite true.

This was short and rather uninformative, but until I start to get in the swing of things, I’m afraid it’s all going to a be a little hum-drum. If you’re reading this, then I miss you and I love you and I can’t wait to talk to you in person again. Eight months, I’ve been told, has the propensity to fly by, and we’ll be seeing each other sooner than I realize.

Continue to smile big!




One thought on “It’s about time that I did this.

  1. How fantastic to hear from you! I do apologize on the behalf of Siberia; it can’t help how stupidly big it is. It makes me smile to picture you zipping about Shanghai in a pink be-basketed bicycle. I’m sure you’ll have an incomparable time.

    See you next thesis season!

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