A Lovely, Beautiful, Delicious Thing

Shanghai has a bad reputation for dirt, grime, and smog. That reputation, I’ve come to discover, (after endless days of blue skies obscured by voluminous, dusty clouds) is well deserved.

Men have been peeing in the bushes by the sidewalk. Those little lap dogs I’ve been seeing everywhere defecate as their owners wait impatiently (sans doggy bag) for them to finish their business. The old snort-and-spit thing- think “Titanic,” just less charming when anyone other than Leo is doing it- is commonplace. Trash cans? What trash cans? I don’t want to even know what else I’ve been walking through.

Needless to say, my feet get really, really dirty by the end of the day. Even the tops- the little part that’s exposed when I’m wearing flats- have this blackish film on them that just makes me shake my head.  Today, as I was washing them off before bed- I just couldn’t stand to sleep with them all gross like that- I was inexplicably reminded of John 13. It’s the passage in which Jesus washed His disciples’ feet- similarly filthy-and through this action symbolized the cleansing of our souls through His eventual sacrifice.

How powerful. The Lord of all washing my soul- as dirty dirty dirty as my Shanghai-travelling feet-soul because He loves me.

What a lovely, beautiful, delicious thing.

This is for sure not the most new-fangled of concepts, but one that was made infinitely more powerful by an uncomplicated personal experience. It is, after all, the simple things that are the most extraordinary- 对不对?

Much love & xo,


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