Sing Us a Song

So I finally experienced the gem that is KTV- a karaoke place that provides private rooms (shiny, mildly retro, and fitted with lights that synchronize in an unsophisticated little show) for singing, dancing, and feasting. It’s a big deal in the Middle Kingdom, and my first foray was a delight.

My inaugural song of the evening was “Firework,” that Katy Perry number that’s a year old now and in my mind will never die. I love But it’s enjoyable in more than a just a musical way; it brings to mind a dear heart whose name will irrevocably be associated with Miss Perry’s melodic, existential musings (do YOU ever feel like a plastic bag?).

Tonight I got to fulfill a promise I made to this aforementioned special someone- one of my Reindeer campers, who made me smile and laugh more than just about anything else in this whole world. I had given her my word that if I was ever called up for sing-us-a-song* after she left, I would perform “Firework” and send her a tape of my performance. I never got called up this summer, but I did tonight. And Julia darling, that one was for you.



* “Sing-us-a-song” is a Camp Brookwoods & Camp Deer Run tradition that occurs at meal times. (But not breakfast! Or on Sundays!) The campers chose a staff member, sing a little insert-counselor-name-here ditty (no one’s safe!), and if 2/3 of the dining hall participates in the chant, the singled-out staffer performs a song. It’s great.


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