Trailer Freakout (Monday)

I’m incredibly late to the party, but my super-quick response to the Comic Con Batman vs Superman trailer? **Egads** am I thrilled about this movie. Using the post-Man of Steel backlash surrounding the annihilation of Metropolis as the catalyzing narrative vehicle? Well done. It’s dark, it’s intense, blah blah go the critics. It’s not Marvel- that’s ok- I’m still definitely intrigued. This preview eradicated my fears of mediocrity to the extent that I forgot where I was (a very quiet public place) and reacted verbally more loudly than I ought. (People were startled- it was funny in retrospect. Ha.) Funny is fun with these kinds of movies (thanks Marvel), but I like the heavy-handed morality tales that were Man of Steel and Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Grit and gravitas can be good. Heroics can’t always be pithy quips and shiny shields- it can be heavy as well as light.

I’m impressed enough to shame-facedly give a tentative apology to Ben Affleck, whose casting choice I was vehemently against from the beginning. There you go, WB marketing team- for now, you’ve won me over. I’m starting to see this new iteration of the Dark Knight with considerably less vitriol clogging my good opinion (but my dislike how to go somewhere, so Jesse Eisenberg, my main concern lies squarely with you now).

If nothing else, it’s just- cool– to see a bunch of fictional heavyweights duke it out onscreen, more so, at least for me, than The Avengers, as I find BvS‘s characters more familiar and iconic. If nothing else, it’s Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman in one movie, and that alone gives me hope.

Also: Lois Lane, you’re the real hero here.


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